lego usc discovery build

I snagged a super cool new Lego set in the last week, the Space Shuttle Discovery. It retails for $200 and comes in at 2354 pieces. I went to my local Lego Store on release day, April 1, last Thursday, and waited in line to get one of the first ones. There were about 15 people in line and it felt good to get that bit of normalcy going.

It took me a few nights to finish the build. My best guess is that it was about a 5~6 hour build. I wanted to stretchy it out because it’s the largest set I’ve built in many many years. Definitely the most detailed set.

I try my best to document my builds, but can get caught up when the steps get repetitive. These are the most interesting pics from the set.

There were 17 bags in the set!

First up is building the Hubble Telescope. It has it’s own stand, and also mounts in the shuttle bay for a few different display options.

Now on to the meat and potatoes

Her she is in all her glory

There’s a few fun moving parts to this build. The wheels pop out when you push the tail, and the flaps move when you turn the center motor. Very cool Technic parts under the hood. I tried my best to capture that.

Slider that pops the wheels
wheel that turns the flaps
As always, there’s left over bits

That’s the full build. Sadly, I only buy a few sets a year. It just hurts my pocketbook wayyyy too much to get much more than that.

As always, thanks for reading.


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